Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The sun is almost up

by Adriano Antonio Macedo Basto de Carvalho

We live in a world of noise,
of parallel and asymmetric movement,
where nonchalance has become the norm.
Sweet, melodious, and pleasing
is our phony makeup.
We are animals that reject our animalness.

We dread nuclear, secular, red lights, cockroaches, love,
threats and non-threats alike.
Fear has taken us on its morning stroll,
and predictably we bark.
(The sun is almost up.)

We are turned on and turned off
by oil-, wind-, and hydro-powered switches
that respond to clapping.
There are beige, mauve, and burgundy
curtains to choose from,
and supersized french-fries, pots, and cars.
We have lost ourselves in a mess of options,
and strive inexorably to complicate.

We fly in formation
and flow through carefully placed
and beautifully colored rocks made from Styrofoam,
down an improbable slope
of over-romanticized hypotheses.
We are orgasmic, ego-centric, and nepotistic,
and asexually multiply.

Thought and all other wasted rationality
keeps the axes of our unsustainable and fanatical wheels
from breaking loose (into free space and true autonomy).
We create meaning where there is no meaning,
and scientifically and thoroughly flout god and the truth,
whilst we absorb, photosynthesize, bear fruits, and grow leaves.
(We are still, essentially, vegetable.)

With every step, we go deeper, and faster, and better,
and farther from our selves.
Hence, we barely feel.
We are deaf, and blind, and mute, and approximately frozen,
and dance, swirl, sing, and scream
in our vague, whimsical life,
till we fall.

Added: 29.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


I really liked this poem, it was so true! Loved the line, 'We are animals that reject our animalness.'