Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Awareness (level 5 of 7)

by Adriano Antonio Macedo Basto de Carvalho

Thoughts are merely a tangle of non-conformant
chemicals in an ultra-responsive setting;
echoes of scarcely delayed feelings,
millimetrically placed and ready to be felt;
remnants of cromagnon desires,       
keeping us occupied, unassuming, and tame, 
while life rolls on silently, reflexively, and impressively,
with all its humiliating nerve.

Rumination is for cows, guppies, and humans alike,
and saffrons, sapphires, and the snow all reason in their own way,
no less conscious than our total unconsciousness.
Like a rock or plant, man is authoritatively ignorant of his ignorance,
and in his metaphysical realism lives, and loves, and dies,
without a clue that he never lived, never loved, and was perpetually dead.
Thought’s true thought is to block awareness,
by darkening the place where true awareness lies.

We think, therefore we think: to god (I mean exact-Nature) no other valid reason exists.
We conveniently overrate rationality, through self-serving cycles of chronic urgency and folly,
leaving us continually stuck to our cyclic fate.
Life is Nature’s grunt or roar, all just a sound, faint or not.

We are unsubstantial and chimerical animals by excellence,
and in the circle inside the box we live in, our fancy appears really real. 
As a feeling awaits its chemical fate, in the millimetric second that lingers,
whole worlds are imagined, and our universe and all is perceived:
violence, joy, depression, hope, and unbearable pain are unleashed,
cities are wanted, planned, and assembled,
while man, impeccably and in turns, plays god, king, and beggar,
and true lives, true loves and true deities are born.

As man progresses (i.e. transgresses his own nature),
and as he overcomes thought, word, and feeling,
he ceases to be restrictively alive: he is released, he is now free.
Thought stands alongside feeling, without communication or vibration,
and gradually and painfully amalgamate into a new corrosive mix,
directly eating into spirit, flesh, and understanding,
until our wholeness wholly disintegrates.

The world as we know it folds upon itself, layer by layer,
in an inner spectacle of perfect annihilation and renewal.
The chasm separating man from himself contracts, eventually to nil,
and man plunges from the edge of this last plank (4).
As he falls, in mid-flight, the ultimate metamorphosis occurs,
and an übermensch is born.

Added: 29.04.2011