Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

I want to be a poem

by Safi Hyder

I want to be a poem
to visit at once my innate spirit and the hidden soul
but after uncovering the shell that has gone totally sore
gravely hampered by the futile and mundane chores
perilously plagued and besieged by diverse parasitical nodes 
each detestably stuffed with wanton pride and arrogant robe
ever encouraging to remain a deceitful and devious force
invariably usurping the rights of one and whole
cleverly scavenging the wile and guile to attain utterly selfish goals
Once fully unembellished, unadorned and whole,
Won’t I be thrilled and delighted to see the inner core
as pure and pristine as the untouched driven snow
as fresh, clean and new as the early morning dew
soft, supple and tender like a ripened mellow
light, fluffy and buoyant as the zephyr that rarely blow
amply radiant to lighten the full moon’s glow
all elating and exulting me to proudly gloat and flow
Why should I then be in the bondage of time and space?
and not traverse the higher cosmos with an insatiable gaze
wittingly lingering and pausing to relish all the esoteric maze
beseeching the myriad worlds to enchant my senses in utter laze
covetously grasping the real sense of Rumi and Faiz
merrily rejoicing the symphony of Mozart, the sage
seriously sensing the art of Picasso and Gogh with a bountiful daze
and gleefully reliving ever after those enticing memory lanes

Added: 29.04.2011