Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The World of Isolation

by Nadia Meksem

Can you see
the leaves of the trees?
calmly onto the ground
Where they
await to be drifted into the deep blue sky
The tree
would thereafter be empty
With no
green garden leaves
To grow on
the branches of the beautiful trees
it would need water in order to grow
wonderful leaves that would be able to flow
Now can you
imagine a human standing there all alone?
Feeling a
sense of isolation
Waiting for
someone to help them to escape from the darkness
that no one is there to set them free
From the
uncontrolled sadness to continuous misery
The inside
emotions begins to grow rapidly
With the
lack of resources and energy
To be able
to find someone so strong
By hearing
the feeling of loss and hope
Of the poor
human being who is unable to cope

Added: 29.04.2011