Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Free Verse

by Nivedita Gokhale

                        A food for thought is not enough, A guzzle of words is untrue,
                        Hunger for sense and meaning is killing an inspiration through.
                        Somewhere around the bedlam, silence spins a tale,
                        Noise of an artist is heard in pity and hail.
                        Pennies, dimes all lay in artists cap, not a feather to frown,
                        Ovations, praises, criticisms and old liquor to drown.
                        Holding ‘up’ a high and counting ‘lows’ for adieu,
                        Slaying a verse for an artist and choking on smoke too.
                        Well, I am trying to give a sonnet or a villanelle for dreary hours,
                        ‘Free Verse’ that I thought of and you misunderstood in devours.

Added: 29.04.2011