Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The birth of another day.

by ravi sankar kerala varma

To get enlightened awaita another dawn,

to get -'enlightened'- awaits another dawn,
by the sun'e eye, as it peeps through these leaves of these trees

that stand ashore the river, the river that flows with its water so clear..

...so clear, and its in my spontaneity that i take confidence from in speaking these lines  right now.

yet i would like to go back to my poem, and start off with the river flowing, water so clear,

the leaves yellow in a spring morning and i see the birds, noises......

mourning noises...here iam and here iam imagining all these,

imagining all these ....the birth of another morning.

yes it is the birth of another morning

yes it is the birth of another morning which i imagine

and where people are mourning...

mourning.....mourning about what...what.

food, disease, death.

food, disease , death.

but now i stare my face in the water, the river water so clear,

and my face as if in a mirror, my reflection flowing with the water,

i look at myself,

i look at myself .

i look into myself , then i feel it is not as transparent as the river,

i ask myself then why are these people mourning? ....mourning about death

disease ..food and i find it is empathy which matters,

i find then that it is empathy which matters.

i  wash my face from the river

i  wash my face from the river, and -

its so cold!

and the birds sing their morning prayers and the leaves yellow slowly moves in the wind.

i look upwards , i imagine,  the sun with its scorching heat burn the earth.

As i said it is all my imagination,

its all my empathy.............

its all my empathy.


Added: 30.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


I like the chanting, musical rhetoric of this poem, how it begs to be read - or chanted - aloud, leaping off the page.