Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Falling night and breaking dawn

by Ashwini Sridhar

Savannah Silhouette
A giraffe's silhouette on the dying red sun.
Night falls as the stars reveal themselves one by one.
Young ones fall asleep to a cricket's lullaby.
The wind itself whispers of sleep and the trees, they seem to sigh.
A herd of zebras stampede chased by a lioness' last hope for food.
She wins this hunt for her hungry cubs this time the kill is good.
Asian Midnight
Monkeys in tree tops lay asleep under the twinkling sky.
The silence is deafening, no sound is heard, no twitter, no chatter, no cry.
Yet the tiger is awake, green eyes the darkness piercing.
The tiger stalks, hidden by a thousand trees, leaving the leaves rustling.
The tiger gives a battle cry, a warning growl.
The silence is torn by the stamping of hooves and the sound of a lone wolf's howl.
The silence returns and all is well, for silence is golden, silence is best.
Elephants sleep under a canopy of trees, sucking his trunk the youngest.
Northern nights and northern lights
This frozen winter land hides, secrets none do see.
For where there is water, there is life, like fish of the icy sea.
Six months of darkness on an icy plain and yet it is not dead, it lives.
Survival of the fittest, the artic wolf and snowshoe hare the epic battle survives.
As the snow-white bear hunts fish, a bigger prey lies near.
The harp seals are the hunted and yet they exist without fear.
And then through midnight, a burst of colour, the mother of all rainbows.
The red, the pink, the green, the blue, cross the sky with a heavenly glow
Dawn down under
The dawn breaks with a warm pink, the clouds highlighted by colour.
The Australian sunrise is worth watching, a sunrise like no other.
The cockatoo screeches mimicking a rooster’s cry.
As his brothers dot the raw pink sky.
The kangaroos start to waken; the young poke their heads out of their pouches
They gaze, eyes glazed at the morning. Heaven’s artist adding the finishing touches

Added: 30.04.2011