Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

cappuccino & pie

by Amanda Austen

Sitting in a coffee bar watching faces,
transfixed by behaviour and style
and as cappuccino hits the spot
I ponder for a while
All around me a sea of solemn faces,
wandering oblivious, staring ahead
distracted by the many thoughts
swirling in their heads
darting like frightened rabbits in headlights
making deadlines, some acknowledge
yet their minds elsewhere
thoughts racing over targets,
chicken nuggets or footy practice
while in the eyes of others a darkness resides
indicating concern, a fear
Yet the reassurance of life is often overlooked,
the sun shining, birds singing or a child’s laughter
and as time marches on regardless
I don’t try to understand why things happen as they do
but emotion wells inside my being
and confusion sits there too
Absorbed in life I smile at strangers
with a second cup and enticing slice of pie
a weary person hesitates before he passes by
he looks at me with question and
glances into my probing eyes
he smiles a most endearing smile
without a reason why
And so I leave my haven and go along my way
knowing that hope is always in our grasp
with the break of each new day.

Added: 30.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


This poem is amazing, I enjoyed reading the writer bought my imagination to life