Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Thank You for Today

by Claire Reilly

Thank you for this morning
When I was young, happy and free,
Your love made me thrive
Engraved a spirit onto me.
Thank you for today
I laughed until I cried,
Your faces and mine; 
A funhouse of glee.
Thank you for this afternoon
Summer snoozing in the sun.
Your world seems so much easier
You make it look like fun.
Thank you for this evening
My heart learnt to fly,
Your warmth ignited a candle
that burns hopeful, doomed to die.
Thank you for tonight
There were colours everywhere.
Your spark charged my soul
And obliterated my fear.
Tonight won’t last forever
Decay will soon creep in,
These reveries must stay alive
Else my life is not worth having.
The day is nearly over
And what a day I’ve had.
I fall asleep and dream about
My life; so beautiful and sad.

Added: 30.04.2011