Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Painter

by Vince Horsman

                             “That colour’s wrong” he was heard to utter,
                             Observing the craftsman  painting the gutter.
                             “It clashes with the window frame.
                             I’d change it, if it’s all the same”
                             Ignoring the scowl of a passing cat,
                             “If I’m not right I’ll eat my hat”
                             “That paint won’t pass the test of time,
                             To leave it on is just a crime”
                             “I’d use acrylic, you’ve got it wrong”
                             Came his monotonous, whining song. 
                             “Saw it on the telly you know,
                             Used by Eric so and so”
                             The painter stopped, put down his brush.
                             Even the birds were heard to hush,
                             In measured tones, the painter said,
                             “Why don’t you go and boil your head?”

Added: 30.04.2011