Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

We undress

by Heather Evans

We undress
And breathe, side by side
Just feeling the warmth of skin
My eyes trace your face
Note every perfect imperfection
Rest my head on your shoulder
Before you notice 
Lips feel the pulse in your neck
I note the life
Coursing your body
I feel your body relax
Beneath my hands
As I caress your thighs
To find soft skin.
You turn
To hold me close
I breathe deep in relief
And excitement
I love the way
Your hands feel so big
The way you hold me
Like you need me 
Moments of uncertainty
As we worry what the other thinks
Soon gives way
To sweet desperation
I whisper things
Too shy to say in daylight
Though it’s just the blinds down
The world evaporates
Desire burns inside my head
Three words want to escape my lips
They are repressed
To avoid repercussions
Tears roll down my face
From passion, explosive Desire
And words too forbidden to say
Satisfied and wanting more
I long for you again
My heart lies on the floor.

Added: 30.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Beautiful evocation of love making. Uncynical and honest. Told,in a straightforeward way with an easy rhythm. fabulous!