Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The New Pet

by Vince Horsman

He cannot woof nor yet miaou
To growl or purr, he knows not how
He chases cats and dogs alike
He bit a car and ate a bike
At staying put he’s rather keen
Fetching sticks is not his scene
What he is we’re not too sure
At the  back are two flippers, at the front is a paw
His toilet habits are rather crude
He dines each night on hamster food!
He hurtles round and round his cage
Flies from his perch in a lively rage
We even called our local vet
To identify our mystery pet
In despair we phoned the zoo
We even tried to call  “Who’s Who”
No-one seemed to know his breed
Fish, beast, or fowl? - we had no lead
We always loved him, just the same
Our mystery pet who had no name
One  evening he gave us all a fright
Howling at the moon all night
We rose quite late to a deathly quiet
(such a change from the normal riot!)
Our pet was gone without a trace
A sombre silence in his place
He never did return to us
To bite a bike or chase a bus
But sometimes when the moon is full
The shadows grey and winds blow cool
You may stumble upon our hairy gnome
Just pat his head and send him home!

Added: 30.04.2011