Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Idea of Love

by Gabriel Esparza

Written is this poem in prose as I doze
It has no beginning, no end, I suppose
An idea of love I proposed long ago
To a young girl who did not believe, "let me go"
She said as the words left her lips so I bid her farewell
Into the cold night she was stole from my loving hold
Traces of her scent stained in my head behold
All that was left was images of her but figments
Of imagination never repaired the loss that imposed
Into the night stared in hopes that she would be returned
His darkness lit by the crescent shaped moon
Taunted me in my doom as I lay sleepless in my room
His tricks of allusion lead me to the conclusion
Searching when he grasped the sky created confusion
Rather instead travel when sun rose and moon stay at bay
By day looked through the forests, seas, and mountain passage ways
To discover she was further hidden away, into the deep emptiness of
Relentlessly I implored elements to aid me from entering a comatose
As they cloaked my mortal being I divulged into the ghastly scene
Only to find it was too late my fair love lay unconscious had met her
Knelt down to grab her hand cold limp in mine
Prayed for divine intervention as my eyes formed tears
Arose to the sound of another, a shadowy figure stood near
I approached with my rage, fist clenched to destroy this evil sage
As I unleashed my wrath blood split from my veins
End of his time the night met his demise
But as I looked on again he was no longer there
All that was left was shards of shattered glass
It was a dismal affair when I stood in front of the glass
Only to see myself stare back, no worlds could relay
The evil soul who stole my love, stole her away, because she would not
Stood in front of me but nothing I could say
Into the darkness of night my love flowed away

Added: 30.04.2011