Miss Robertson

Ten Walpole Terrace overlooks
The playing fields of a
British boarding school for boys
Where strapping specimens
Of Greek romance
Scrum on a Saturday.
Dame of debauchery
Miss Angeline Robertson
In faded satin at sixty two
Stands smoking on her balcony.
They don't know, these boys
Why she stands
Smoking on her balcony
Whilst they
Scrum in the mud
On a rainy Saturday.
Even in heavy storms
There she stands, soaking;
Geriatric nipples
Pressed like darts
Against the confines
Of her faded satin blouse.
Blue tattoo eyes
Narrowed into slits
The arsehole of an aged cat
For her smiling lips.
Wagner on the gramophone inside.
Decadence in decline
A sweet sherry clutched between
The quivering fingers of
Her dappled white left hand.
While grunting, rippling, heaving
They slide
Glorious in the mud.