The Mirror

When you gaze into your mirror,
don't disregard the chance it brings;
it forms a plane where this world ends
and a loving world begins.

This absorbing partition of candid emission
is a parallel divide,
as it places you in another view;
the world where I reside,

for you wear the ring of another man,
and your vows, you will not breach;
so I dwell with you in this mirror room
where his love is out of reach.

Fate stole my wish to be free to kiss
the face that fills my eyes,
now the mirror drafts this dreamlike space;
bereft of moral ties.

When we were young we danced as one
and a lasting love was born.
In those early years lit by chandeliers,
an enduring bond was sworn.

Do you recall the finals ball
where we gazed at our reflection?
We vowed back then that's where we'd wait
if fate should fault direction.
This abstract space, this hidden grace,
this secret we conceal;
trades the shackles of the real world
for liberty surreal.
Its gilded frame hides a tender flame
that glows with love unspent;
for it lights the scene to what should have been,
had time not stole intent,
so with finesse, don that satin dress,
and those shoes you grace with class;
so that I may get to dance once more
with the girl behind the glass.