Text (I'm in Tesco)

I fight the urge to text,
the cyber comfort thumb that tap, tap, taps
each delicate vowel; each manicured syllable, deftly bred
treasured; measured; chosen like jewels
to lay upon my lover's head.
I fight the urge to text; meaningless
comments on my day glance
like fairy-tale wishes on your page.
three tiny words with nothing to say, but
I think of you, almost every minute, everyday.
I seal our hidden triste with an upper case X.

And in return, a couplet chime
defibrillates my soul.
Famished eyes enflamed, I scramble to unlock
your abbreviated code; spill it's secrets
on our bed of virtual intimacy.
Knotted hands and belly scroll -
with nothing to say,
it sings
:) x